WANPION Traction Cleats Crampons Stainless Steel 19 Spikes Durable Rubber Safe Protect Shoes and Boots for Hiking…

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Reinforced and durable material: Imported TPR is soft and elastic, fit all kinds of shoes closely. Ensure that your shoes are tightly fixed to reduce the risk of falling or slipping and injury. After testing, the TPR material can be stretched to 11.8 inches at a low temperature of minus 22 degrees Fahrenheit. Unlike other similar products, our crampons are not easy to tear and have good durability.
Comfort and safety: 19-tooth ice cleats are made of high-hardness and wear-resistant 201 stainless steel. Compared to others, the steel teeth of this crampon are larger, longer, and have a stronger grip. The strategic placement of the teeth ensures uniform weight distribution and bring lasting comfort and durability. The multi-chain tension balance system prevents the crampon from sliding left and right, ensuring that the crampons for boots are more compact and safer.
Convenient to Carry: The crampons for hiking boots are connected by a chain and matched with TPR soft material. The folded volume is small enough, about the size of a palm, and can be loaded into a hiking backpack. It likes stick on shoes to keep you safe. The crampons do not exceed 0.9 pounds and can be carried in a backpack. Provide Oxford cloth bags. Quick-drying fabric, crampons can be placed in a storage bag after use.

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