US Military Pepperoni Pizza MRE – FULL MEAL (Menu 23) DUO ENTREE!! Price: $18.99 (as of 17/03/2022 03:05 PST- Details)

TWO SLICES of Pepperoni Pizza in this Pizza MRE!!
We have had many requests for the new Menu-23 military Pepperoni Pizza MRE. We have managed to source the pizza mre primary components, so we could assemble what some are calling the “Holy grail” of MRE’s. These will be packaged in our own mylar bags.
Your DUO Entree MRE Pack will include: *TWO SLICES of Pepperoni Pizza Slice!! *Italian Crushed Red Peppers *Snack Bread *Cheese Spread *Dried Fruit Mix *Cookie *First Strike Bar *Hot Beverage Drink *Cold Beverage Powder* Moist Towelettes *FlamelessRationHtr

In Stock.