US Military Cheese Pizza MRE – FULL MEAL – DUO ENTREE!! Price: $18.99 (as of 17/03/2022 04:01 PST- Details)

TWO SLICES of Cheese Pizza in this Pizza MRE!!
Your DUO Entree Cheese Pizza MRE Pack will include: TWO Bridgford Cheese Pizza Slices; Italian Crushed Red Peppers; Cheese Spread (jalapeno); Snack Bread (White/Wheat or Italian Breadsticks); Cherry Berry Cobbler; Cookie; Hot Beverage Drink; A Cold Beverage Powder, Utensil packet, Wet Naps, and an FRH. These will be packaged in our own mylar bags.
NOTE: The cheese and sauce may be darker than you’d expect to see on a regular / restaurant pizza. The manufacturer of this MRE pizza has told us that this is perfectly normal due to the process used to make this a long-term, shelf stable pizza. The taste should be comparable to a grocery store frozen pizza.

In Stock.