Survival Gear Credit Card Multi Tool – Camping Multipurpose EDC Multitool – Fishing Hooks, Gift Idea (Silver 2PC) Price: $8.99$10.98 (as of 17/03/2022 03:38 PST- Details)

SURVIVAL TOOL CARD GIFT IDEA -Useful gift for Women, Mens, Dads, Fathers, Kids Survival Gear, – Fishing Hunting Survival Kit , Rations Gear, Emergency Survival Kit, Hunting Trips Tools, Fishing Survival Kit, Hiking kit
Small and light enough to carry it daily, yet durable enough for him to “feel prepared” for any emergency that arises.
Be careful of bending, its a little thin in some spots but that keeps it a good size for storage so its not a complaint. If you want to keep it in your wallet though, have to remove the small top saw as its longer than most wallets will hold, but without it its the perfect credit card size.

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