SLIP 2000 725 Gun Cleaner and Degreaser – Removes Deposits of Carbon, Grease, Grime, Etc. (16 fl oz) Price: $23.36 (as of 17/03/2022 03:33 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.

CLEANER AND DEGREASER : Slip 2000 725 Cleaner and Degreaser will cut through the toughest cosmoline, carbon, grease, and grime! Its strong formulation allows it to degum even the dirtiest parts of your gun.
REMOVES DEPOSITS OF CARBON, MAGNESIUM, GREASE, ALUMINUM AND MORE: In just a few minutes, 725 Cleaner and Degreaser will strip stubborn carbon stains and crack open and crumble heavily encrusted deposits of carbon, grease, grime, gum and gunk.
NO PETROLEUM INGREDIENTS: 725 Cleaner and Degreaser is an aqueous-base liquid cleaner. This product is specially formulated without the use of hazardous petroleum solvents.

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