Protective Sneeze Guard, 2″ Gap Clear Acrylic Plexiglass Shield For Counters, Food Screen, Transaction Window for Employers, Workers & Customers, WallBarrier Against Coughing & Sneezing Price: $99.44 (as of 18/03/2022 01:39 PST- Details)

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Effective Guard Against Germs & Viruses: This clear, polished acrylic guard can be an effective solution for exposure protection against viruses and. Acrylic Sneezeguard Protect your food from Germs
Cash register checkout sneeze guard, sneeze shield Impact Resistant: Superb quality acrylic plexiglass with safety polished edges. Highly resistant against impact and shattering. Quick Assembly: Assembles in minutes. Precision pressure living hinges fitting. Requires no hardware or tools for assembly.

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