Military Style MRE (No Heater) Price: $18.99 (as of 17/03/2022 03:31 PST- Details)

Best Tasting MRE; Daff focuses on taste and quality above all; Most MREs taste bland and stale, not ours! We source the best ingredients and use proven European techniques for cooking and preserving our meals Our tag line is “Taste like homemade” and we mean it KNOW WHAT YOU GET you get what you order; Avoid unpleasant surprises; Other MREs suppliers send you random menus and you don’t know what your will get; Our clearly marked menu shows exactly the meal you are ordering.
Our proprietary manufacturing technology ensures a great tasting experience wherever you are; If you like army meals, you will love DAFF’s MREs; Each bag ha s a complete kit that provides a safe and delicious full meal including Main Dish, Fruit dessert, Cookies, Jam, Isotonic Drink, Coffee, Tea, Salt, Spoon and Napkin
Just like the armed forces, the experienced survivor knows there is no substitute for preparedness and having the right gear. A military ration is the ideal survival kit for any kind of emergency like severe weather, virus and infectious outbreaks, armed conflict or social unrest.

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