LYN Heavy Duty Emergency Blanket Survival Gear Waterproof Insulated Blanket Emergency Tarp for Camping, Hiking… Price: $13.99$22.99 (as of 24/01/2021 14:45 PST- Details)

★Utilizes Four-layer Construction Of Super Insulating Materrials:plastic as the first and third layers, strong polyester shield as the second layer, and aluminum foil as the fourth layer.  Emergency blanket 4.0.
★Heat Preservation: There are a striking orange color at one side of the emergency carpet and the silver color at the other side. Waterproof surfaces at both sides can be used for picnic on a wet grass land or sand ground. The reflective aluminum surface is used to preserve 90% of the body heat. You can feel very warm at ice and snow conditions.
★Applicable to multiple purposes: It can be easily fixed on the ground and used as ground waterproof cloth, residence, tent and emergency rescue.