Tyger K7 EDC Folding Pocket Knife | Black Stone-washed 154CM Steel Blade | G-10 Handle | TG-KF9C2898

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DESIGN INSPIRATION – the patent pending form of Tyger K7 is inspired by cyber geometry which combines clean edges and angles to produce an evocative shape that fits naturally into your hands.
ULTRA-PREMIUM M390 STEEL BLADE – This Austrian-made steel is made from the evolved powder metallurgy process – Microclean, which further filters out impurities from particle steel to produce the most even and pure form of steel, resulting in an impressive 1.90% carbon composition and the absolute best edge retention in knife blades. Perfect for situations that requires surgical strength and precision.
TITANIUM HANDLE – Ti-6Al-4V alloy, commonly found in the aerospace industry, provides highly corrosive resistant yet lightweight application, machined into a sumptuous satin finish.

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