HOPEKIN Compact Emergency Survival Sleeping Bag | Survival Bivy Sack with Portable Drawstring Bag | 100% Waterproof Ultralight Thermal Emergency Blanket for Body-Heat Reflection

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✅ A COMPLETE TRAVEL GEAR: 1 HOPEKIN’s package includes: an inflatable travel pillow, a pair of earplugs, and an eye mask. We know travelling is about maximizing every second on the road, and napping like a rookie with jetlag when checking into your Airbnb is the last thing you want. That’s why HOPEKIN travel pillow is an awesome edition to your travel gear to help you get a few hours of shut-eye.
✅ EASY INFLATION & PORTABLE: HOPEKIN travel pillow inflates with a built in thumb pump and deflates with a quick push of a button. Easy to use, easy to store and lug between destinations, HOPEKIN pillow is comfy, packs down to nothing, and comes with a washable cover to carry on every flight. HOPEKIN travel pillow is an indispensable sleep accessory for road trippers and frequent fliers.
✅ BETTER SLEEP POSITION: HOPEKIN inflatable travel pillow helps by reducing aches, pains, and pressure points that tend to develop from sleeping in an upright position. With ergonomic design, it keeps the head and neck from falling forward, lessens the chances of straining to remain upright, an ideal choice for those suffering from chronic pain. Embrace your inner travel dork and get some quality shut eye with HOPEKIN travel pillow!

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