GOpure Personal Water Purifier Price: $24.95$29.95 (as of 15/03/2022 00:31 PST- Details)

THE POWER TO PURIFY TAP WATER ANYWHERE – Say hello to the smallest, most convenient portable water purifier on the planet, ever. Say goodbye to buying disposable plastic water bottles on the go, forever. Everywhere you go. (Even places you don’t go. Yet, that is.) Gas station bathrooms, shopping mall restrooms, airport filling stations, park water fountains, gym, concerts and festivals.
GO AHEAD, REFILL YOUR WATER BOTTLE – Drop in. Fill Up. Drink up. Refill again and again. Every water bottle, S’Well, Yeti and hydration pack. Every water pitcher, dispenser, thermos, cup, carafe, glass. Repurposed mason jars, old juice bottles or milk jugs. The Pod keeps purifying, refill after refill – the power to purify up to 264 gallons of tap water comes in every Pod.
WHERE THERE’S A TAP THERE IS PURIFIED WATER – GOpure goes where other water purifiers and filters can’t go. Every faucet, sink, spigot, hose, drinking fountain, in every neighborhood, town, city, and country. Every drop of water from every potable source is now safe to drink everywhere you go with your GOpure Pod.