Exceed Designs TIRANT RAZOR V2 (Stonewashed) 6Al-4V Titanium Utility Knife & EDC Pocket Knife, Box Cutter, Razor Blade…

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This low-profile ‘TiRant RAZOR’ titanium scales pocket knife, utility knife from Exceed Designs features a flipper razor blade clasp design & blade lock with near-zero tolerance when locked and full ball bearing action. It also has full 6AI-4V Titanium stone washed scales and a stainless stonewashed spring clip and blade clasp. This knife also comes with 10X generic replacement razor blades and box. This pocket knife utility knife tool is a must have for any EDC application!
SUPER SLIM & LIGHTWEIGHT — This one of a kind design is one of the smallest usable folding pocket knife designs that doubles as a utility knife and opens up to a full 6” while utilizing generic utility knife blades that you can find at any hardware store! Featherweight CNC-Milled precision Titanium 6AI-4V scales. Blade and knife together ONLY weigh 2.6oz / 76g. The slim design makes this knife easy to carry as a must-have EDC tool for anyone regularly needing to use a razor blade.
RAZOR BLADE FITMENT — This pocket knife fits most razor blades, however to keep tolerances high and low blade-slop, we’ve designed this knife to work well with the average razor blade. Below is a list of blades that we’ve tested so far DeWalt Carbide Edge (DWHT11131) DeWalt Bi-Metal (DWHT11007) DeWalt General Purpose (DWHT11010) DeWalt Large Opening Hook (DWHT11011) Husky General Use (1000040984) Milwaukee General Purpose (48-22-1905) *Other blades will fit depending on the gap and length.

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