W WIREGEAR Emergency Shelter Tube Tent Compact Tent Includes Fire Starter 5 Fire Tinders 2 Survival Whistles 4 Tent…

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High-quality Material. Thicker polyethylene material. Not easy to tear and pierce, can protect from rain, wind and snow. The interior reflects up to 90% of your body heat. Even if you stay in bad weather or territory, also can keep you dry and warm, help you live through the difficult condition for survival. Differing from others, the bottom of our tents is designed with grommet, you can select tent pegs or weight for support. The external color is bright, easy to be found out by rescuers.
Basic Parts. This emergency tent is equipped with the a 20-feet nylon paracord rope, 2 small clips and 4 tent pegs. A 20-feet nylon paracord rope is firmer and not easy to wear and tear, the length can satisfy the general needs. Two clips are used to hold the rope in contact with the tent, ensuring that the tent remains in place even if the rope is tilted. Due to our grommet design, we also supply 4 tent pegs. Even if you can’t find out suitable weight in the open,you also can support this tent.
Outdoor Necessities. Provide you with more complete emergency accessories: a fire starter, 2 whistles, a multi-tool strike, 5 cotton tinder. The packing bag is attached with a whistle with the sound of 120dB, the range of seeking help is up to 1 mile to increase your possibility to be rescued. The fire starter and a small whistle are a two-in-one design. Each cotton tinder can be combustible for 4min, with the equipped multi-tool strike you can easily start a fire even in a humid environment.

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