Beard Gains Valhalla Every Day Carry Beard Care Kit – Beard Oil, Beard Balm Conditioner, Mustache Comb, Wooden Beard Comb Price: $14.99 (as of 27/03/2022 07:50 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.

VALHALLA SCENT: The great hall in Norse mythology where heroes slain in battle are received. Hall of fallen warriors where Odin rules and Thor lives. Glowing orange accented oil with honey mint praises and cedar, smells fantastic in victory or defeat.
PRISTINE SCENT: The meaning of pristine is 1) clean & fresh as if new 2) in its original condition. This was our first staple scent that later created our slogan “Made For A Man, Loved By Women.” Strong, manly, & heavenly to women.
QUALITY & LUXURY: It took years till we knew what we were doing & we’re not making empty claims. Imported high-grade oils directly from India, insane combinations, & untouchable scents with mounds of potential essential oil benefits.

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