BEARD GAINS 100% Organic Scented Every Day Carry Beard Care Kit W/Beard Oil, Conditioner, Balm, Wooden Mustache & Beard Comb | Beard Grooming Kit Price: $29.99 (as of 29/03/2022 13:03 PST- Details)

Complete Beard Care Kit: Compact size allows for portability wherever you go. Whether your shirt pocket or pants pocket, always ready when your beard needs a touch up. Not to mention a great conversation piece and additional bragging rights on why your beard is better.
Beard Styling: Control your beard frizz and wild hairs. Help give a structured cleanliness look to your man face by providing a moderate mold, hold & tame your beard.
Bigger Beard: Immediately add texture and volume for a fuller, thicker feel and look. Whether you have a thinning beard or a burly birds nest on your chin, our beard balm will instantly add definition and volume to your beard.

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