Aquatabs – World’s Best Water Purification Tablets for Water Treatment and Disinfection – Ideal for Emergencies, Survival, Travel and Camping – 100 Tablets in Convenient Travel Packaging

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Ease of use
Safe to store and handle

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Aquatabs are the world’s no.1 water purification tablets.
They are effervescent tablets and are added to drinking water in emergency situations.
The tablets effectively treat water to protect you and your family.
The need for safer drinking water is never more acute than the period that immediately follows a natural disaster.

Select the tablet size for the volume of water to be treated.
1 tablet treats – 2 quarts of water
2 tablets treat – 1 gallon of water

Once Aquatabs are added to water being treated, ensure it is thoroughly mixed. Wait 30 minutes and then enjoy the benefits of safe drinking water.
They are ideal for treating water to drink during international travel and throughout camping stays.
The tablets are small and easily fit into camping backpacks, emergency preparedness kits, and disaster relief packs.

The tablets are presented in strips of 10 tablets with a shelf life of 5 years.

The active ingredient in Aquatabs, Troclosene Sodium.

Aquatabs should be used with clear water. If the water to be treated is murky / turbid, then it should be filtered through a cloth until clear.
Remove the tablet or tablets from the packaging and add to water.
Ensure that the tablet is dispersed (by briefly shaking the vessel or mixing).
Wait 30 minutes for disinfection to work and then the water is safe to drink.
Do not swallow the tablet.

If tablet is accidentally swallowed, drink plenty of milk or water if milk is not available.
Although Aquatabs are non-toxic, you should always seek medical advice at your earliest opportunity.

Prepared by EPA registered facility and sold by an authorized distributor.
Ease of use
Safe to store and handle
Lightweight and transportable


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