Alldio Salt Water Lantern Brine Powered Camping Lamp LED Flashlights USB Output Survival Kit for Emergency, Hurricane, Outage Price: $45.98 (as of 29/03/2022 17:27 PST- Details)

EMERGENCY POWER: The product has high energy density,and doesn’t need to be charged by the external power suppply.These advantages make it suitable for the electric porwer black out and the emergency power sulpply for typhonn,earthquake and the other natrual hazards.
MOBILE POWER SOURCE: With 25-30Ah and output with 5V/1-2A, It is suitable for all USB interface devices, it is also charge for cell phones,as least 15 times.
ENOUGH BRIGHTNESS: With 350 lumens Ultra-brightness and 360 degree beam angle, the Salt Water Lantern can give off pretty bright light to light up your space.

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