24hr Prospector MRE ‘THE MOTHER LODE’ Menus 1-12 with 1st Insp.Date ’23 – ’25 (MENU 1 ‘THE MOTHER LODE’)

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Introducing our latest line of custom MRE’s: 24hr Prospector MRE (THE MOTHER LODE) in menu’s 1-12!
We have sourced the components to custom package your very own 24 hr Prospector MRE ‘THE MOTHER LODE” which are comparable to the military First Strike Rations (FSR) in both calories and quantity of components. HOWEVER, we are including THREE ENTRÉE’S and a larger variety & selection of menus!!! These will be packaged in our own GOLD mylar packaging and will include a new Flameless Ration Htr (which the original FSR’s do not).
Each 24hr Prospector MRE will feature THREE entrées, snack(s), side(s), desserts(s) two beverages, crushed red peppers, moist fresh naps, utensil pack, a flameless ration-htr, and two Gold Nugget Butter Mint packs! See images for full menu components.

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